Simon (Sinek) says: Start with why?


Why are you in love with that person. Why you are eating that kind of food. Why you want to be a parent (and a good one too). Why you are doing what you are doing. And why are you getting out of bed each single morning?

The first thing i’ve learned in my study to be a Life Coach is to be careful with the ‘why’.

But it’s a good question to ask yourself. And sometimes it’s a hard question too. And it takes a while to really know, why you are doing what you’re doing. And sometimes it can be confronting because maybe you should be heading a different course. And maybe you don’t know the hell what you are doing.
It makes money?' That's a why. 'We grew up with each other.' That's a why. But is it all you have to give, or do you have more. And if you have more, why don't cha?

The other day I found a writing from a teacher at my primary school. It said: Sarah is doing great, grammar, etc. She is enthusiastic, has love for learning, good with the other children. Having that said: Sarah has also the tendency to chatter, laugh out loud, busy with the others instead of learning.
And I still do, I like to talk and now i’m listening too:) and observe.

From what I can remember I’m inspired by people. Who didn’t look at Madonna at one point and thought: Who’s that girl? Well, I did. Throughout my life i’ve collected a list of people: musicians, speakers, writers, coaches, actors, athletes who all are an inspiration for me.

I’ve worked a decade in the music industry with people who have a passion, who just want to give everything they had (and they often did) for just one thing: music.
I never really let myself think about what my real passion was, I thought it was music. It was more that I felt that I had more to give than I did then.
On the other side I also worked on the Radiation Oncology department at VU medisch centrum in Amsterdam. There I also saw people who just want to give everything they had for just one thing: life.

The first time I looked my daughter in her eyes, hold her in my arms I just felt joy. Unreasonable happiness. I thought, I want to inspire you to be the best you can be and that is just the way you are now.
So I had to look myself in the eyes and get rid off all the stuff I didn’t need anymore and just be me. I thought, maybe the inspiration that I am looking for in the world is just one of the qualities of my self.

So I did and let love inspire me.

The greeting by Zulu people (Sikhona) of South Africa is:

I am here to be seen.

I say:

I see you.

That’s why I do what I do.

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action