We are searching for a peace, peace of mind is what we need..

There are two people I want to see at the first Happinez Festival this past weekend. Andy Puddicombe founder of Headspace and Tara Stiles yoga instructor founder of Stralayoga.

I am really excited for this festival because there aren’t any of that kind in Holland. There are lots of great festivals but in the field of growth, personal development, etc. there aren’t any COOL festivals.
The festivals I know of here are a bit whoowhoo. I am a spiritual being but I would like to work with that with my feet on the ground..

I’m always looking for heroes, my heroes. People who inspire me. I think it’s important to have mentors, inspirators, guides along the way in life.

So when I first began with my mediation training I was very lucky with a good and inspiring teacher. Yoga for that matter. I’ve tried. Tried. Schools, studios, it just didn’t feel right. The teachers did the techniques in a good way, but with all respect there was something missing.. A feeling. Maybe. It just wasn’t working out for me.

Tara Stiles and Sarah MableBack to the festival. Tara Stiles. I don’t practice yoga but I’ve read about the philosopy of yoga. A lot. Yoga is not about reading it, it’s about feeling it, doing it, practice. Practice.

The way this lady tells her story. Words that come to mind are: pure, strong, full of energy. Real. Light.
You hear and see that she really embodies what she is saying. That’s what I was missing with other teachers. When you say something and you do something else we (subconsciously) get confused: say it and mean it, too. Please.

She inspired me to give it another try.
And I did. Today I went to visit a Yoga school in Amsterdam to see and feel the vibe. And hey it feels good. Signed up for an 5-week beginners course and I’ll see what happens next.
Beginners mind is an open mind.

Keep searching. Stay open.
Ask and you… shall receive, but you’ll receive in ways you never imagined it.

Tara Stiles. Hero.
Thank you for being my guide.

By the way.. go check this cool Yogini out for yourself:

Credits title: Mary J. Blige - Searching

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